Privacy Policy

Please read this and learn how we handle your personal information, and the information of others with which we have an established business relationship. We collect information about people and property as described below. Some of this is called “Nonpublic Personal Information”, which generally means information that is provided by you, obtained by us, or that results from your transaction with us. It does not include information available to the general public. We collect this information from the following sources (examples under each source are not necessarily a complete list): Application Information: This is information we receive from you on applications and/or other forms, by phone, and online. It may include your name, address, and telephone number, driver’s license number, social security number, date of birth, length of employment, gender, marital status, prior insurance information, home ownership, length of residency and credit card information. Transaction Information: This is information about your transactions with us, our affiliates, or others. It includes your payment history, information necessary for billing and payment and purchase information. It may also include additional information used to investigate your creditworthiness, and prior loan history. Transaction Information may be disclosed as the following information: Consumer Report Information: This may be information we receive from a consumer-reporting agency, and is used to confirm or supplement application information. It may include credit report information, prior loan history and your payment histories. Consumer Report Information may be shared among our affiliated companies. By requesting Company’s services, you consent to our sharing of this information among our affiliated companies. Web Site Information: This is information we may receive from your computer when you visit our internet site or engage in transactions with us or our partners over the internet, including the website you visited before ours, your Internet e-mail address and operating system, and statistical information on Web traffic and usage patterns. We may also store “cookies” on your computer to save information entered during your prior visits to our Web site. We collect technical data, such as your Internet protocol (IP) address, operating system, and session ID. Web Site Information may be disclosed as described below.

Parties to Whom We Disclose Information. Nonpublic Personal Information about you and our former customers may be disclosed to others as permitted by law. Generally, this includes disclosures to third parties that provide essential services to us and are necessary to effect, administer or enforce your transaction with us, or in connection with servicing our ongoing customer relations. These parties may include our group of affiliated companies, or their employees, agents or representatives, and courts and governmental agencies, and third parties. You will not have the opportunity to opt out of such disclosures. We may also disclose Nonpublic Personal Information about you and our former customers to companies that perform marketing services on our behalf or to financial institutions with whom we have joint marketing agreements. We are required to, or we may, provide information about you to third parties other than the Company’s affiliated entities without your consent, as permitted by law. For example: 1. To respond to a subpoena or court order, judicial process or regulatory authorities; 2. To consumer reporting agencies; 3. In connection with a proposed or actual sale, merger, or transfer of all or a portion of a business or operating unit; 4. To protect against fraud, and insure confidentiality and security; We may generally disclose information about you to service providers, including billing service providers, collection agencies, mail and telephone service companies, insurers, loan settlement service providers, property inspection companies, attorneys or other professionals.

Confidentiality & Security. We restrict access to Nonpublic Personal Information about you to those employees and other parties who must use that information to provide products or services to you. Their right to further disclose and use the information is limited by our employee privacy policies and procedures, applicable law, and nondisclosure agreements where appropriate. We also maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards in compliance with applicable laws and regulations to guard your Nonpublic Personal Information.

Opt Out Rights. If you do not want your Nonpublic Personal Information disclosed to non-affiliated third parties, you may “opt out” of those disclosures, meaning that you may tell us not to make those disclosures (other than disclosures that are permitted by law even if you opt out). If you do not want your Nonpublic Personal Information (solely limited to your information which is non-essential to the Company’s providing services to you) disclosed to affiliated parties, you may “opt out” of those disclosures, meaning that you may tell us not to make those disclosures (other than disclosures that are permitted by law even if you opt out). If you opt out, we will not disclose the information that you have instructed us not to share with the affiliated and/or the non-affiliated third parties that may independently market products or services to you, but we may include their offers in billing statements or other routine communications that we send to you in connection with servicing your business relationship with us. To opt out, simply send such request to Business Credit & Capital Advisors, LLC at 2998 W Montague Ave, Ste. 226 North Charleston, SC 29418. An opt- out election by you or others who maintain a relationship with the Company will be effective for all persons that your relationship relates to. Once you opt out, there is no need to do so again for the same business relationship. If you have recently became a customer of the Company, the Company will not share your Nonpublic Personal Information with any non-affiliated third parties, of the type that you have the option of opting out from Company’s sharing of, for a period of 30 days from your becoming a customer of the Company.

Information for Vermont and California Customers: In response to a Vermont regulation, we automatically treat accounts with Vermont billing addresses as if you requested that Company not share your information with non-affiliated third parties, and that we limit the information we share with the Company’s affiliates. If we disclose information about you to non-affiliated third parties with whom we have joint marketing agreements, we will only disclose your name, address, other contact information, and information about our transaction and experiences with you. In response to a California law, we will automatically treat accounts with California billing addresses as if you requested the Company to not share your information with non-affiliated third parties except as permitted by the applicable California law. We will also limit the sharing of information about you with our affiliates to comply with California privacy laws that apply to us.